Hank’s homies getting frustrated?

May 30, 2008

For all of those fellow Rangers fans who are still waiting for Hank Blalock to overcome his injury curse and put together a full string of games together after having a rib removed back in May 2007 because of Thoracic outlet syndrome will have to keep waiting. But the likely outcome? The newly appointed first baseman will be traded in the next few weeks.

The Rangers’ medical staff decided to treat Blalock’s newly acquired carpel tunnel syndrome with a cortisone shot, but this has been dubbed as a questionable treatment of carpel tunnel syndrome.

Fellow Texas Rangers and fantasy baseball owners have been saying that Blalock is likely to be traded after his recent syndrome (he recently told a reporter “I feel like I lead the league in syndromes”, I personally am starting to think Rangers management suffer from down syndrome because he still is on the team) and it looks as if it is true.

Blalock’s productivity has been on the decrease since his breakout season in 2003 and since Hank’s Homies assembled in 2004. He recently was forced to move to first base and I think we should trade him while we still can.

The news that we are treating this with simply a cortisone shot when Hank could have a major neurological disorder is troubling as a Ranger’s fan. If we decide to keep Hank and ensure that he is part of the future of this club, either have him check out a Texas Neurologist as a number of doctors have speculated that he may be having reoccurring injuries due to a possible neurology disease, or start getting him proper carpal tunnel treatment so that we can get him back on the field!